Google play policy update requires even old games to target new API now, could free allow building?

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  • "we are expanding on Google Play’s target API level requirements to include existing apps that aren’t updated."

    I'm not questioning other limitations of the free license, however you already can't have any monetization without a license (I spent time developing the game with a license, and released it free, so I'm no longer paying the subscription).

    So I'm hoping and would really appreciate, that with these policy changes from google, would it be possible to change so you can build games to the new API levels, without having to temporarily pay for licensing every time just to be able to build. You can already open them without changes allowed when the game is above the scope of the free version, but right now you can't build to mobile.

    It's purely wanting to build for the new API level requirements.

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  • We offer monthly pricing which can be used for short-term maintenance tasks like this without having to pay for a whole year.

    The build service constantly requires a lot of time and effort to maintain, as well as regular server bills to pay to run it. It's simply not economical to offer it in the free edition. We would lose money.

  • Ah I can understand why that change wouldn't be an option then, thanks a lot for the clarifying response.

    A problem though is I wouldn't have had as much concern if the single month personal license was the price to pay. In Australia, even as an individual you require a 'business' for any earnings (my games are via my business/logo etc even when free for those that may not be), so I required the business annual license. When I was originally looking to what license I required I'm pretty sure that was the case in another country too.

    This limits my option to every second year paying for an annual business license for ideally a single build of a free game.

    This is certainly not a common situation, but if others encounter this too, in the future if it were possible at all for a monthly based maintenance license-allowing opening and building of a project, for projects without any monetization, at personal license pricing, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Though I can absolutely understand why that might not be an option either as I don't know the extent of the behind the scenes work you'd need to set that up.

    At least it's available still on the web so if discovery of it grows/interest of it on mobile is desired more I can consider purchasing the license again at that time.

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