Explaining to End-Users Intel XDX Required Permissions

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  • For people who have used Intel XDX to compile their app's .apk(s) and for people who are familiar with Intel XDX. Yes, I posted this question on their forums and the silence speaks volumes.

    Apparently, Intel XDX is, according to the tutorials I read about publishing games, a method to compile the .apk from Construct 2 files.

    It however requires certain irremovable permissions.


    The app that I am helping to develop does not require an internet connection. When I installed the .apk from Intel XDX, i see three permissions.

    I know that this are mandatory permissions: https://software.intel.com/en-us/xdk/fa ... ermissions

    How do I explain to the end-users these required permissions? If they wonder or ask why they are required? May I link Intel XDX supports email address? Can i add that link here? https://software.intel.com/en-us/xdk/fa ... ermissions in the store page?

    These Permissions:

    * Full Network Access

    * View Network Connections

    *View Wi-fi Connections. "

    How can I explain these to the end-users? this app does not require any internet or data connection whatsoever. Since Intel XDX mandates it, how can I explain to the users what they are and why they are needed? Or should I just, in the store page, include a link to the FAQ and Intel's corporate HQ email address? Since they're the ones who require those three permissions, they can explain it.

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