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  • Sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this but ive been considering a project and wanted to clarify something. If i had a website where i posted about a unvierse ive been creating with lore and art work and so on and i had a donation tab where people could donate to help me with these creations and i wanted to create a game using constructs free version could i post this on that website or would it not be allowed because of the donation tab? Does the donation tab require the licence for construct? Sorry just been considering this for a while now and thought id ask hope its easily understandable and if its not allowed ill probably just remove the donation tab but its something i thought id ask all the same. Thanks in advance.

  • How would you feel if I made money off of your work without giving you any?

  • Not very good? Was just something i was thinking about in theory but i probably should have thought about it more before posting. Dont want to cause issues with construct so ill probably just remove the donation tab from the site before releasing.

  • It's fairly easy to find the answers to questions like this;

    Just reverse the positions. Imagine you developed what you intend to use and someone is using it the way you intend to. How you feel, objectively, is the answer, subjectively.

  • Okay. As i said i probably posted this prematurely because this is all obvious when i think about it now >< ill attempt to make the game free unless the limitations require use of the licence and ill simply post it on this site for free with no donations options.

  • I think donation is okay. When you get enough donation you can buy a license. But you should ask Ashley or Tom.

  • Ashley could say more, i think donations could be okay like bilgekaan.

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  • I guess i could ask them. The only issue was the donations tab was orignally going to be put in there for the art and lore and storys id write (probably wouldent get much mind you but it would be there all the same) and id work on this game over a course of months to fit and follow the lore i created. so was wondering if id need to remove the donations tab once i launched the game there.

  • How would you feel if I made money off of your work without giving you any?

    He is trying to get donations for his ideas "about a unvierse ive been creating with lore and art work and so on". Surely, Scirra doesn't take developer's ideas just because the developer plans to use its tools?, if they did, then the shoe would be on the other foot.

  • The painter needs tools.

  • The painter needs tools.

    Valid point

  • There are free tools obviously.

    Most of them suck.

  • This topic was about a legal awnser more than a philosophical one, I recommand emailing the scirra support ( support ) for an awnser that will be accurately representing how licenses works regarding donations, I remember that some cases are more complex than a simple "I make potentially money so I buy" situation (like winning a jam resulting in a gain of money, where in some cases buying C2 upfront was not needed at the time), and donations may or may not be one of them.

  • While it was something i was considering now that i have had time to think about the project as a whole and the scope i wish to add once the game itself has been created ill probably just ignore donations entirely and buy a licence if i feel like the game i created has enough quality to warrant a price tag.

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