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  • We're very proud to announce "EternaL: Episode I", made with Spriter and Construct 2, now available on Google Play!

    We're about to set out on the wonderful journey of app promotion, and we'd love any friendly advice anyone would like to offer here regarding promotion, distribution, or publishing.

    We at Team EternaL are essentially a tiny garage-studio indie startup solely made up of creative heads --Building an audience is one of the arts we don't know the first thing about!

      Do you know of any good publishers to approach about handling app promotion? Do you have any advice on how to most effectively 'manually' promote an app on the internet, with time and effort instead of funding?

    Like perhaps most folks here, we're a lot more at home on the creative side of things--not the business end. If you happen to be or know someone or a company who excels at drawing attention to a product, we would love to talk to you about trading any of our creative services for your promotional services. Got awesome connections in the app or gaming market? Got a huge following on a social media site? We "will work for exposure"!

    At the very least, we expect to personally spend much of the next few weeks making a part-time job, if not a full-time job, out of attempting to gain exposure for our app. So we would love any advice anyone may have on how to best go about doing precisely that:

    How might one most efficiently "go 9 to 5" doing nothing but trying to net downloads for an app?

    Thanks! Have a stellar day!

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