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  • Hello everyone! My name is Dequan, also known as Colenator. I'm a co-founder of Avicekeys, our indie-exclusive digital distribution platform.

    I've felt that a lot of major distributors, while traditional, don't really help with indie games. Indie games may appear on the front page for a certain period of time, but then shortly after they're replaced by a AAA game.

    A lot of the feedback we received from game developers is that there wasn't much information on how we can help you with your games.

    To help game developers, we launched Developers Gate. Where we help game developers distribute their games thru Avicekeys!

    Currently, it's just a couple of pages full of detailed information on how we help distribute your game. Eventually, I want to create an section where game developers can sign up, submit their games and wait for communication from our team to lay down the ground-work for how we'll distribute your game

    Since the technical back-end hasn't been implemented yet, we're taking a hands-on approach.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    Similar but not quite the same.

    Most distributors expect you to do the marketing aspect of your game. Through Developers Gate, we not only will we distribute your game, but we help with some of the marketing on our website. We'll create content for your game as well as work with other content creators to ensure your game gets proper exposure.

    Simply, we won't let your game sit on our web site without some exposure.

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