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  • I know you can not sell a fan game. But it is possible to win something with them placing ads? Both in mobile as in browser / desktop.

  • lol.

    Playing Metroid fan game

    Room transition

    Ad pops up

    Wait 5 minutes to finish room transition, or complete survey instead (and receive 5 missiles as a reward)

    Continue to next room


    Subscreen has banner ads covering item descriptions. Click the tiny x randomly placed in a corner to see what lies beneath.


    Mini-map occasionally plays ads, with audio.

    In all seriousness, you probably can get away with this. It's no different than LP's on youtube with ads. It's a rather despicable move though if you ask me.

  • depends how much money you get from it, and who is the company that owns the graphics/game in begging, if they will want to sue you for the money they will but in most cases the companies see it as free advertising, so your safe. unless is a small company or 1 as EA GAMES (that is known for suing everybody, and taking over peoples shit)

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  • does the fan game uses ny assets, or names or something else that does not belong to your team? if so, any kind of revenue out of it will be seen as taking profit from others work.

  • Not only can you not sell a fan game, but you can't even make a fan game legally without the permission of the owners of the Intellectual Property. If you ask and receive explicit permission, then it's OK. Otherwise, it's illegal (then it just depends on whether the owners go after you for it, which usually depends on how visible the game is).

    The common misconception that it's OK to make fan games if you don't sell them or make money comes from the fact that, if you don't make money, it's very hard for the owner of the property to actually find you and sue you as an anonymous person on the internet.

    Ever heard the phrase "follow the money"? Well, they can. And it will lead to your doorstep.

    However, if you change something a little bit (No, this isn't Sonic the Hedgehog, it's Saber the Porcupine!) and just get inspiration from the style and spirit of the game, then not only can you make the game legally, you can sell it, or add advertisement, or whatever you want.

    When you violate copyright, your legal liability doesn't depend on whether you made money or not, but the fact that you published it at all (it's based on harm to the copyright holder). There could also be trademark issues, but that's another can of worms.

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