Triangle3d plugin

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  • Triangle3d plugin:

    To install, extract to: C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins

    Requires: webgl


    Basic 3d triangle plugin that lets you make triangles one vertex at a time. Each vertex has an xyz position, a uv texture coordinate and a rgba color. Every three vertices makes a triangle, and you can load textures to use on the triangles.

    That's about it for now. Think of it as a low level building block for 3d or 2d graphics.

    Basic usage:

    1. add to layout

    2. add an event like this:

    every tick
    -- triangle3d: set color to (1,0,0,1)
    -- triangle3d: add vertex ( 0, 0,0,0,0)
    -- triangle3d: add vertex (100, 0,0,1,0)
    -- triangle3d: add vertex (100,100,0,1,1)
    -- triangle3d: draw triangles with texture ""

    3. and you get a red triangle.



    Change log:

    Version 0.81
    - changed how rotations are calculated.
    + Added an action and some expressions to get axis vectors from rotations.
    + camera transforms no longer wip. Added cameraZoffset expression to see the default camera z. It's based on the fov, and it's combined with the camera transform.
    + now renders at the resolution of the current canvas size.
    + orthographic camera now works.
    Version 0.8
    - changed how things worked a bit so examples from version 0.1 may not work.
    + added matrix transformations for camera and meshes.
    + camera is very wip right now though.
    + have use "draw triangles" or "draw mesh" to draw anything.
    + added obj file loader.
    + added save mesh to speed up repeated use of add vertex.
    ... probably more i forgot.
    version 0.1
    + vertexes with xyz position, uv texture coordinates, and rgba color.
    + Every three vertices draws a triangle utilizing a zbuffer.
    + Texture loading and selection with tagging to manage multiple textures.

    Current known limitations and planned additions for next version:

    Limit: won't work with layer/layout scaling currently. but you can fiddle with the camera scale to do it i think.
    Planned: texture unloading. and general garbage cleanup behind the scenes
    planned: maybe coloring of meshes.
  • Updated 5/15/21

    More useful for a 3d game. Still working out how to best handle the camera, but you can draw stuff with 3d rotations so that's cool.


  • I will not probably use it, at least in the short time, but I really want to take the chance to thank you for all your effort to help the community.

    I don't usually use third party plugins, but I would definitely consider yours if I will be forced to use one.

    Thanks again :)

  • thank you!

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  • I love the plugin, it has helped me begin work on a 3D game I wanted to make a while ago. I only have a couple suggestions for it:

    Nearest neighbor sampling option for drawing 3D textures (in the case you want to make a 3D pixelated game)

    The ability to modify meshes, as in remove or add new triangles/vertices from an already existing mesh, OR the ability to save and load meshes in JSON format.

  • cool plugin

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