POMELO: distributed game server framework

  • Hello, I'm just posting this to know if anyone ever worked with this framework. I never used, but seems very good and since it is for node.js(and some people already managed to use node. js with Construct 2) maybe someone could do something great with that.

    Let me know if you already worked with it or if you are going to give it a try with C2. I can't try anything because I don't have the knowledge for that... yet

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  • I was looking at Pomelo. It's a nice framework, but I didn't notice any greater advantage than say Photon outside that Pomelo is free.

    Pomelo seems to be really built around using javascript programming for server. Where as Photon was built around both EchoPeer and programmed servers.

    It still seems to be an API above most C2 developers intended skill target. Otherwise it seemed pretty good if your a JS programmer.

    I haven't used it. So I could be mistaken.

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  • It seems that Photon server could not run at linux os.

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