[SOLVED] Behavior "EaseTween" by Yeremia Al (lunarray) Not Installed

  • Hello everyone!

    I stumbled upon edrockbr's post about finding the "EaseTween" by Yeremia Al (lunarray) files (orignal link and message at the end of this post)

    I know that it has been some time since it was posted, but perhaps someone still have the same problem or others might stumble upon this (or that) topic - just as I did while searching for the solution. Since it is a project breaking problem which could potentially make someone lose an entire project, it is important to help.

    I would've replied the original post for keeping it better in context, but the forum won't let me since that topic is inactive - then I'm creating a new one.

    So, I found the Lunarray EaseTween available for donwload here (the 4th file on the 1st post, lunarray.tween.rar): http://c2community.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=174&hilit=нажатие+на+кнопку+нажатие&start=15120

    I already tested it in one of our projects and it works. Hope it helps anyone in need of it.




    Original post

    - Link: https://www.construct.net/en/forum/extending-construct-2/addons-29/behavior-easetween-yeremia-al-143004

    - Author: edrockbr

    - Message:

    Hello. I'm trying to open an old project that I have made and I'm receiving this message:

    "The project you are opening uses addons that are not installed:

    Behavior 'EaseTween' by Yeremia Al (lunarray)"

    I tried to search here in the forum, and I found this:

    Behavior : EaseTween Mod - rexrainbow.github.io/C2RexDoc/c2rexpluginsACE/behavior_rex_lunarray.tween_mod.html

    But when I put the folder "rex_lunarray.tween_mod" in the behaviors folder, the error continues.

    I tried LITETWEEN too, but with no success.

    Someone can share this behavior for me? ("EaseTween" by Yeremia Al (lunarray))

    If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me.

    Sorry for the poor english.

    Best regards,



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