[Plugin] Load Image from URL at runtime

  • Hi everybody !

    I have do some tests with juantar "Tiled Background From URL" plugin loading a tiledbg from url in a start layout event.

    Ok this plugin don't work in webgl .. with me is working in chrome without webgl and not working at all in firefox (last 12 and last beta V15).

    Despite this fact we really needed these kind of url plugins to make great projects with C2 !

    SO VERY GOOD JOB juantar !, you are a demigod for me ;-p

    Someone knows if this project is stop or if someone else works on it ?

  • naelian there is now a much better plugin out there for this : scirra.com/forum/plugin-spriteurl_topic51261.html

    I think it is actively maintained. I stopped working on mine to focus on the 3d plugin and the Xna exporter.

    Thank you!

  • juantar, thanks a lot !

    Yes "spriteurl" is a good plugins too, working without webgl on every browsers tested. I hope his author will create also a "tiledbgurl" ... just because some browsers (firefox/opera/safari) put a 1px wide space between 2 side-by-side spriteurl either every times or when using a "scroll to" method ...

    Good luck for your plugins Juantar, sure i will like them !

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  • Hello,

    Using the plugin, I got a javascript error.

    Uncaught TypeError:undefined is not a function, line 1739 (col 10)

    This is likely a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior

    If I delete the UrlImage object from my layout, I don't get any error.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • oneon

    You could find load from url action in official sprite object.

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