Top Down Shooter AI Video Tutorial

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  • I've made a tutorial for a simple, but effective chasing AI for a top down shooter.

    There is one minor flaw in that the AI gets trapped/lost with tight spaces. If someone knows how to fix it, I'd like to know. If I figure out or am told how to fix it, I'll make a new video showing it.

    I'd also like suggestions for future tutorial videos. I've made tutorials for MMF2 and RPG Maker VX and would like to make more for Construct. I will attempt any request and try to keep it simple so all experience levels can follow along. Figuring things out and making the videos do take time though, so I'm wondering if anyone would even watch them if I made them. I do videos because I'm not good at explaining things in words and tend to go overboard with pictures to show every step anyway.

  • I will gladly visit you and watch your videos. Thanks for the first video !! It was nice for a beginner to see a simple AI procedure !

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  • Thanks for watching my videos. Things are a bit slow, so it'll take a while to get more out. I'll also make a platforming AI tutorial as well. I'm also always up for suggestions. I'm new to Construct, but I've used other programs and have programmed from scratch a bit as well.

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