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  • this was my first attempt of experimentation in construct but instead of trying a DirectX game i started making an application

    1st attempt- a browser- FAIL

    2nd attempt- A media player - SUCCESS!

    3rd attempt - Image manipulator - FAIL

    so here is my Media player, it can play wmv, mp3, avi other extentions files


    I know it's pretty lame because the application is nothing but just a simple Button Click event which opens a dialog and you choose a file to be played

    if anybody wants the .cap (for some reason! ) just PM me, well, anyway it's not of very much use

    play with it for sometime or just press SHIFT+DEL it's your choice

    but right now i am having a kind of proud feeling

    P.S : i wanted to know how to get the path of file(eg. image) and load it in the image manipulator or the corresponding object, i tried making a edit box then copying the path of the file in it and creating a button which loads the file into the image manipulator when the button is clicked but nothing happened

    *yawn* i am going to get some sleep it's 3.30 am here in India

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