Quazi's Tuts: Part 1: The 2 Armed IK Solver

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  • I think this tutorial looks great, however, I'm not in need of something like this right now, and it looks to complicated for me to do right now just for fun.

    HOWEVER. It's a quality tutorial from someone who has a clue, and that's worth a lot. I, and many others who have been using construct for a while will always think these things are interesting since it presents a challenge and something new to understand. It does not teach or clarify something you already knew you could do in construct, but it pushes the boundaries further. Getting a tutorial like this is just as exciting as a new feature being implemented in construct.

    I think many people download it, and as soon as they look at the code their brain starts to boil and they quickly shut it down. But that's probably not be the people this tutorial is made for. But the few people who can tackle this will appreciate it very much.

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  • I did some minor 3D animation and made custom bones once.

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