Platform Example (Dectector, Animations and Music)

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  • Nice example! I love the animation. Construct really needs a 'is standing on ground' condition in the platform movement hey...or perhaps even some generally collision functions so instead of just 'is overlapping' we could have 'is touching above / below / left / right '.

    That's exactly what I meant in this thread . I guess it will be overlooked for now though. I'll just workaround this with some basic custom movement.

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  • It's easy to do with detectors and just a few events, but sure, it would be nice, but i don't think it's high priority.

    Nothing is high priority right now eccept fixing the bugs that corrupts your .caps

  • i agree about project killing bugs. I can't even start on anything until I'm sure it won't destroy my years worth of work. And I agree that it's easy with custom movement, but with behaviors, not so much. It's actually much more complicated then it needs to be for a Z-depth platformer.

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