What should I include in my tutorials?

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  • I'm not redrawing those, that'll take me forever! (I hate drawing sprites, so time consuming )

    Send me the sprite graphic over PM, ill add it for ya


  • Sorry guys, this isn't working. Ever since making the decision to start with things like explaining how to use the IDE and stuff I've lost all interest in this project. Trying to teach the fundamentals is boring me to tears, and I've only opened up my .cap to work on it a couple times since then. Nothing is has gotten done. If I'm going to finish this at all, it has to at least keep my interest. And if it doesn't keep my interest when I'm making it, I can't expect it to keep anyone else's interest when they're using it.

    So I'm going back to my original plan, which is I'm going to assume that whoever is reading my tutorial at least knows enough about Construct to make a sprite and create an event. That way I can move past the boring stuff and get into the interesting stuff. If anyone else wants to make a pre-school level tut, feel free. This one's going to be K through 8.

  • I think you should forget the pre-k stuff anyway. Like you said this is for people that have already used the Ghost tut and want more. So I think your making a fine decision. I really want to thank you for making this series of tuts. I can't wait to get my hand fully onto construct!!! You will get me there. And once I learn from you I can tech others at my site so really you are a god send

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • After a two month hiatus I've finally returned to working on my tutorials. Hopefully within the next couple of days I can get the first couple out.

    Fingers crossed

  • I applaud your efforts. It can be v e r y tedious but just think that new construct users will come to your example for all their learning! What great joy that would bring, to help those in need!

  • Here we go round the merry-go-round, round and round and round and round. xD

    It's good to see fresh life breathed back into the project again. I knew you'd come back and finish this

    Good job mate


  • Wow.. that's really cool.. You know, I learned a lot from your tutorial of platformer.

    Maybe next time you could also try something like RTS with all building and stuff and RPG perhaps?

  • I don't think I'll be making another game genre tutorial after Platform School is done. But other people keep saying they're interested in making tutorials (you know who you are ) and RTS and RPG both seem to be pretty popular requests...

    Anyway, after this if I do other tuts they'll just be short ones on specific subjects. No more long tutorials for me

  • I'd do RPG, but I have 0 spriting ability..

  • Hey, I could sprite fairly(coming from RPG maker i learned some pixel art).. Just tel;l me the dimesnions and everything, i'll make you hero sprites and tilesets.. I'm really dying to see an RPG tutorial..

  • Well.. wouldn't want to put you to too much trouble, but I'd need roughly the following:

    32x32 (or characters which will fit within this grid space) little people (which can be simple recolours) with back/front/left/right views.

    Some basic ground textures like grass, road, bush, tree, wooden floor for houses, etc (again, 32x32).

    Signpost sprite (32x32)

    Houses (which fill maybe 4 tiles wide and 3 vertically).

    Some small pieces of furniture, maybe a chair, painting.

    A couple of small 20x20 or so items (for the inventory), such as a key, health potion, sword, a few things like that.


  • Should it be original? i just realized that I have resources for rpgs(made by other people)

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  • They'd have to be free for use if they aren't original; deadeye linked me to some free tiles so I'm sorted there, but I need 32x32 characters to continue.

  • Here are free resources from the rpg maker vx RTP.. it's free you could even sell games using these..

    characters and tiles.


  • They're good, and I'm using most of them.

    However, there's no building sprites, which I really need. Some houses/town hall, stuff like that..

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