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  • Part of the problem is with so many plugins there is a lot of reference documentation to write. We need everyone's help to write it (it's an easy way to contribute to the project if you're not a programmer).

    I would love to help. I've already started on an Animator Bar article. When do I get edit access?

  • When do I get edit access?

    Potentially stupid question, but have you signed up on the wiki yet? The way I understand the process, you create the user, and then the admins give it edit permissions; but they can't (or won't) open the wiki account for you.

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  • I recently moved, when I get the internet installed again I'll try and sort out everyone's wiki access.

  • It's currently not doable, due to MediaWiki being kinda hard to do permissions with.

    There's only 3 classes, unregistered, registered and sysop. We need to create a new class for editors, because handing out sysop access to everyone is a bad idea <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />.

    Will look into it today.

  • I agree with zikzak; tutorials are useful, but the ones that already exist help get the basics out of the way and what is now needed is more information on all the undocumented objects, effects and behaviours.

    I've only just discovered Construct, and looked at all the examples that were available to download and also the templates. So with that knowledge I tried to start my own game from scratch, and was disappointed to find that only a handful of objects had any sort of wiki entry ... and even then the entries that did exist didn't really explain the functionality and events available for that object.

    At the moment if I want to use an effect I just guess at what it does, based on the name, and try it out. Most of the time I can't see any effect happening, which probably means I am using it wrong but without docs to explain how it should be used it is very much a case of stumbling along in the dark!

    Anyway, I have got a simple game working and have now reached a stumbling block in terms of trying to find a way to display the high scores that I've been storing on a webserver. I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

    All that aside, congrats for what you've got with Construct and I do appreciate the work people have put in.

  • I acknowledge we need better documentation. All us developers are pretty busy at the moment though - it will eventually get done - but that's why we need other people (who do know this stuff!) to pitch in and help write the documentation. It's all on a wiki so it can be done collaboratively, and I can assign anyone editor rights who requests on the forum. Myself and the other devs will eventually get round to it if it's not finished come 1.0, but it's much more efficient if we can spend our time writing code rather than writing docs. Still, eventually, it will all be completed.

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