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  • I'm sorry to hear that. The truth is, although Construct takes the hard work out of programming, it does not hold your hand. That is, it attempts to make things easy without limiting you. The side effect is there are less automations than in, say, GameMaker... Creating Tetris in Construct means you have to perform a lot of the actions yourself - which is not difficult to learn, it just takes practice.

    A good place to start would be looking at source code from other versions of Tetris and learning how to replicate it in Construct.

    Of course, if the GameMaker version suffices for your girl, I guess you're set then.

    Good night, man. Hope to see you around.

  • thx for talkin to me captain ...

    Did u open the last attached .cap ? And moved the object around on Layout 1 with events/actions ?

    Tetris is very easy to make. The rules are very simple. Thats not what stops me.

    I dont seem to figure out how to spawn 4 instances (from an object) into a layout,

    move, rotate, collission dedect, stop them and destroy them,

    without the events affecting the other instances spawned from the same base object

    without the events affecting the base object itself

    Even Ashley could not do it.

    I assume now that it is not possible with the current release.

    Would love someone to tell me how to do it ..

    or that it is indeed not possible

    Greetings, succes with ur own projects.

    LOL i documented every gd event/condition, action, "work variable" and plugin

    catogorised them


    object to acces from

    what they do in general

    what they do exact

    what they target

    hoping i would see the whole system,

    its a big mess

    This history stops here for me.

    Be good

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  • It's possible to control objects without affecting ones which have already stopped - use a private variable. For example, if you have a private variable called 'Is active', set it to 1 when you create it at the top, and set it to 0 when it reaches the bottom, you have a way of picking the four or so blocks that are falling. Eg.:

    + User presses spacebar

    + Sprite 'Is Active' equals 1

    : (actions to rotate the tetris block)

    This way the event's actions only affect the falling blocks, and not all the blocks that are sitting at the bottom.

    Events are a different programming paradigm than you are probably used to. It is most helpful to think of what you need to do in terms of which objects need to be picked, and in this case, what's unique about the objects you want to pick (ie. they haven't fallen to the bottom yet). Then, it's as simple as coming up with a condition to pick those objects.

  • ...

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