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  • Well the plugin is pretty much ready so I'll include it in the next release.

    Unlike my flame object, this allows for multiple colours (as opposed to having a greyscale image that maps against a drawn gradient). So this example demonstrates what happens if you draw some coloured circles and paste them into the flame.

    <img src="http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/6538/finalxx7.png">

    btw do u think 'visualizer' is a good name for this plugin?

    oh and sorry about spamming everyone with these examples

  • [quote:1tlm8u1e]Unlike my flame object

    You created the flame object? Kisguri?? Anyways, GREAT work! Does it work for a small fireplace too? or does it have to be the whole background?

  • Na I'm not Kisguri, insert the flame object into mmf and check who's name appears

    It was released by Kisguri / Gamesare to promote the new website redesign or something... I made the plugin and he made the install, examples, tutorials etc. I guess if it wasn't for him, the flame object probably would never have got released coz I'm lazy

    Mind you I think everyone thinks he (Kisguri) made it...but that doesn't matter...we wouldn't want people thinking an extension was made by someone funded by the mafia

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  • Oh and in answer to your question, yeah it can work as a small fireplace...or glowing eyes...or firey text....I just made it full screen because thats something the old flame object could never do.

  • Oh..wow..that looks...crazy!

    How does it work for placing into, let's say eyes or some custom shape, with masks?

    This sure looks pretty. Coming for 0.94?

  • lol I have no idea. You can mix it up a bit....make some sprites and give them the 'erase' effect...and then get them to render into the visualizer...the erase effect gets carried over and therefore u can cut out shapes instead of just adding them in...if thats what u meant by masks.

    Anyway we'll see what happens

  • OMG! That's awesome! The pentagram; not the other stuff. Still, it's all looking pretty good, and I hope to see all of it built into 0.96.4!

    The pentagram runs fine on my computer, and the others run without any slowdown. Heck, I ran them all at the same time while typing this. Very nice performance rate. I would use the flame effect for torches on my main menu screen, and I've seen similar effects to the swirl used in XBMC... Xbox Media Center.

  • Hehe yeah it should make some interesting effects...even just having it in the background and when u move the mouse over text you use the action

    'on mouse over menutext'

    - Paste menutext into flame

    And then the menu item itself catches on fire when u move the mouse over it!

  • Looking sharp I can't wait to play with this.

    btw do u think 'visualizer' is a good name for this plugin?

    Hmm... "Visualizer" is kind of ambiguous. It could mean anything. How about "Plasma?" It gives you a better idea of the effect. Because, you know... it's kinda like fire only you can make it be whatever color you want.

  • Maybe call it "Plasma Visualizer" because it lets you visually create plasma like effects

  • I know!!! Flame object deluxe Seriously though. I think Visualizer is great, since you can't really say what it is.

  • A few titles for the effect... off the top of my head:

    "Super Mega Particle Movement Thingy"

    "Particle Visualizer"

    Really, I think particle is taken by something else?

    "Wavy Prettiness" Good?

  • It looks most like plasma to me. So, I vote for just Plasma or Plasma Visualizer.

    Could maybe also use Elements or such in the title, since it seems you could make fire, water, clouds, smoke, dust, etc.

  • Plasma it is!

    I like Visualizer but its too long...I like plugin names to be short because its easier for people to type and remember.

  • Is Plasma in this build?

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