firey explosions generator

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  • FINE, I'll be the jerk ... here it is ... his explosion effect (very, very close).

    I have a problem with people not sharing for the reason of "me first."

    So I recreated it. Only differences are length of plasma, angles of particles and whatever jiggle crap he added.

  • Well, the basic effect is there but Quazi's is still much better

  • As I said, he extended the length of it (change some numbers) and he added a "jiggle" ...

    Want those added too?

    I'm done adding to it, but if someone gives me any crap, I'll make it pixel perfect

  • you guys wont understand why it will become cliche if i dont show it, you actually need to see how it works, the method is better for alotmore than just explosions, ill tell you that much.

    oh yah, it doesnt use plasma.

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  • I can think of two additional ways to get a similar effect. I'm not going to do anything about it though, because I don't care. I just want to point out the subtitle of this section of the forum:

    "Uploading of examples, bugs, or other .cap files. "

    Is this an example beyond "look what I can do!" ... because it certainly isn't a cap file

    I mean no disrespect, and I won't post the other two methods, in case one of them is right.

  • Closed-source creations are better off in the 'Your creations' forum. If a developer doesn't want to tell people how they achieved an effect, I don't see a problem with that - but I don't think they should complain if people try to reproduce the effect and post their .caps for it. After all, someone could do the same once you've released it as a full game - or, if you're that worried about whether or not you're the first to use the effect, don't post the effect at all until release!

    Letting this one go for now, but please keep Uploads forum open-source .cap files.

  • alright ashley, thank you

    and jewsen, im fine with you showing your other method, im curious too see what alternatives there are too what im doing, its cool 2 see how different people try to do the same task, like looking at 2 completely segregated populations in history and comparing them.

    oh yah, its not the fire which i suspect 2 become cliche, its more'so whats backstage.

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