Displaced Objects Bug?

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  • Odd thing I've noticed before, though closing and opening Construct solved it, is a couple random objects in my layout having invisible borders. These are walls and platforms I haven't moved at all since I made the little test area to hop around in.

    Oddly enough it's displaced the wall to the left of where you start, and the first platform up and to the right.

    <img src="">

    Controls are A(left) D(right) and hold Space to charge your jump.

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  • I believe it has to do with the physics behavior you have on your platforms. Stretching a physics object messes up it's bounding box. It's a known issue.

    Anyway, somehow that's affecting collisions with your platform sprite too. I took physics off of your platforms (they don't appear to actually need it for anything) and it works fine.

    If you are going to use physics, then use unscaled objects (just connect several smaller boxes together to make long platforms. Or make the original size of your platforms, well, longer).

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