basic level up system(RPG)

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  • Hi all, i'm new to construct, but i have used gamemaker and other programs for a couples of years now and understand very well the mecanics behind a game, so as i learn how to use construct, i will makes small tutorials on how to achieve certain things that i found is not very well documented in game development, specially the rpg part, search on google on how to make a rpg...3/4 of the results will be rpg are hard to make blablabla... start by small program... it's true, i do not suggest to start with a rpg with your first game, but the basics of it are very good to learn to understand well how a variable work.

    so here it is, my first construct tutorial. first i suggest that you follow the ghost shooter tutorial if you haven't already done so, and maybe keep the project to follow this tutorial if you don't have another project ready.

    First you will need to create 3 new variables in your player object, called "lvl" ,"xp","maxXp", leave the lvl and xp to 0, and put 100 into the maxXp(or whatever you want) this is the value to reach to level up.

    no go to your event sheet editor, into the event were your enemy dies(destroy) add a new action, select the player object, in private variables, select add value, select xp in the list and put in 10(or whatever you want it to give xp).

    Now add a new event, select the player object, now in the private variables tab select compare private variables, select "xp" as the variable, change the operation to "greater or equal", and in the value box put in: player('maxXp') and click finish.Add an action, in private variable select add to value, select "lvl" as the variable, put 1 as the value and click finish. Add another action, in private variable select substract from value, select xp as the variable, and in the value input: player('maxXp') and click finish, add a last action(for this tutorial),in private variable select add value, select maxXp as the variable, and input as the value: player('maxXP').

    And that's it, now everytime your xp reach the xpMax value or more, the level goes up by one, the value of the maxXp is subtracted from the xp,this is important, you don't want to just put it back to 0, because if you have enemies that give more xp than you need to level up, the over xp will be lost. And at last when you level up you maxXp doubles!!! Enjoy

    edit : here's an exemple using ghost shooter :

    a also made my own movement for the monsters, not using bullet behavior.

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