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  • Nah, that's not a bug... there's no wall there to stop the player so the wolf has just dropped off the edge of the world .

    It's actually way below the level, falling through the void... forever

    Ahh, that makes sense. Good way to get a sneak preview of the level.

    Glad you told me, I just saw the same thing happen in another cap and was about to bug report it.

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  • It would also be interesting to see what your students have came up with. Probably more than I could conjure

  • [quote:bbctmxkw]It would also be interesting to see what your students have came up with. Probably more than I could conjure

    Believe me, isn't that good, hehe... this year class i think will be better, more students and more interest on the class.

    Well, new update. I added some comments ingame for show the mechanics, don't help the look, but work for show the correct way to play. I'm still working on the new fighting system... my last try wasn't the best...

    Here some mockups on fighting. The second one was implemented, but... uff, don't wanna hear the history XD

    <img src="http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/xentar/mockUpPELEA.jpg">

    <img src="http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/xentar/mockUpPELEA2.jpg">

    Download and have fun, and please, leave comments on the topic ^.^

    http://upload.namelezz.net/downloader.p ... lfGame.rar

  • Still like it XD I cant get past the tree though I pulled the bottom off and I couldn't go through the hole under the tree. If you are going to have a duel system maybe you can make it easier by having it automatically set the wolf's position the correct distance from the snake.

    its a very cool game cant wait till you finish it! Get your students interested! I want to see a demo of one of their games.

  • I'm thinking on change that tree... try jumping on and press jump multiple times overlaping the tree and you will bounce till you get to the other side.

  • K I redownloaded and played it. I find it really fun regardless of all the little bugs, for example if you just pull the bottom of the tree off a little and then pull it away the tree will not sway and you cant get through. Kind of wierd. The deer stalking thing is pretty cool. You are right getting a bunny would be super hard, I would like to see how that works in another demo. It is kinda hard to get back on shore from the water, its do-able though. Maybe in the game you can eventually get a wolf pup and have to escort it on your back or something that would be interesting. Just dont make him fall off like baby mario, that game was so annoying. The wall jump is a bit wierd though. How about instead of a wall jump, make a double jump. The wall jump looks a bit odd and double jump would be much more normal looking than wall jump. The branch that hangs over the pit you need to jump on and over is a good idea. I could imagine stepping stones over a water fall where you have to jump from one to the next and avoid missing.

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