Wandering Sage Presents: Subject 66(Image Heavy)

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  • I got stuck in a wall at one point and had to quit, but some bugs aside I'm very impressed with your efforts. I felt like I was playing a classic horror/mystery game from the late DOS/Win95 days (with better visuals). The music and images create an outstanding atmosphere.

    The dialogue... not so much. Sorry to nitpick.

    Good luck, and keep up the impressive work!

  • Whoa. Looks great! Are the large animations avis or sprites?

    everything went smoothly here, loving the door transitions, gives a very solid feeling for the place.

    I did manage to get out of a room and walk towards the camera though. At the pantry, towards the lower right.

    A suggestion: when stepping through text, do it faster but have it take a bit longer on punctuation. That'll give it more rythm, like it was someone reading it.

    Also: at first it wasn't clear to me that the weird look on the portrait meant I was near something of interest. Some less game-savvy people might take longer to figure it out. Maybe pop out a hint the first time it happens?

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  • All these are great suggestions and I will look into all of the bugs as best I can. I think the invalid texture bug may be a thing for construct not sure though. Every thing else seems pretty easy to fix Just need to find time to sit down and fix it up a bit. Thank you all for testing and anyone who hasn't yet feel free to keep posting things just try not to duplicate bugs that Have been posted already.

  • awesome game

  • You said not to mention previously posted bugs, but i just want to add that the "out of boundry" bug deadeye mentioned is pretty bad. I've gotten it twice and had to quit the game to try again. It is a game breaker i must say. Should be at the top of your bugs list.

  • Thank you Davioware, I think I have a way to fix it and I'll get on it soon.

    The problem seems to come from the constant scaling of the "Marker" used in collisions.

    Still, I think I can fix it easily.

  • Just tried this out, nicely done... are the stencil shadows pre-rendered as well? I'm know this thread is a year old, but I'm new so :p

    Is the game now finished?


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