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  • Just some screenshots of a game that possibly have no future, I haven't continued it in 4 months, It's supposed to be the finale to the ZoniK series I made with Game Maker, this one is supposed to make some use of Construct's power with DirectX9 effects like realistic water and whatever else I might have used.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    There is no in-game screenshot, I haven't even done that yet and I don't know if I ever would.

    As you can see on the first screenshot that was the intro cut-scene, everytime you click the mouse a new strip get's visible until the next layout in which case there isn't one, the game is supposed to be your typical Sonic game with ZoniK as the main character, adding to him some special powers Sonic doesn't have like some sort of Hadouken or something else.

    Another game I was working on and was far on development that there was gameplay (this one isn't made by Construct, it's a standalone mod of an FPS game known as Sauerbraten a.k.a Cube 2) is Gunmetal but I don't think anybody cares about it here, I may pick it up if I feel like it tough, Gunmetal had more potential in me altough the game engine is severely limited on SP unless you know programming but on the upsides it is a very good FPS game engine with a hella lot of nextgen graphics for a free game.

    What I am thinking to do with this (ZoniK 4) is either continue it or work on something else, gunmetal also had a prequel known as E.V.E X done with Game Maker, I may work on a sequel to it with Construct.

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  • i notice that your game uses recolors. i understand why.

    but I would like to suggest that you try to at least modify the sprites a bit more to make them seem more unique.

    btw, is your game posted on yoyogames?

  • ZoniK 4 isn't submitted on yoyogames no, however this project has been abandoned for another project which uses my very own drawn sprites, I got sick and tired of making ZoniK after all and decided to make my own games with my own graphics from sprites to tiles, my graphics may not be the best but I hope the gameplay and story of the new project make up for it.

    It will be a horror game, a platformer horror game and I'm currently drawing graphics for it, it's current name is Stygiophobia but so far for it nothing is shown, it's just started and am not working on it everyday either, I just hope I get somewhere where I release a demo or some screenshots soon, don't ask when tough.

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