How much time you can spend at the same game?

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  • My response to: Davioware

    I understand what you say, but I'm not unexperiend, I only ask if my game is fun all 80 hours A GameMap (30 maps minimal to pick from), what is my game worth to sell?

    Thanks for reply by the way Davioware

  • Hi Armia:

    You are right in lots of things, but I keep it short because i'm not really a person of talking, but I say one thing: I love games of Blizzard and respect them but doesnt mean i'm afraid to make a better game as them, even if they have money, money don't count only, its the ideas that counts as well and the way to use the ideas, thats my vision at least.

  • I think you watch too many inspirational videos.

  • Interesting thread....

    I think what Arima was saying was that you "can't compete with Blizzard or any other big game company on scale". You could and many others have made a game than many would consider more fun or interesting than any big game developer. None of those games are considered great because they were massively multiplayer or had tons and tons of hours of varied gameplay though.

    I saw go for your big game and see what happens. However, the advice about starting small and doing prototypes is particularly good advice with Construct because of chance of certain bugs creeping in. Read about "Phenomenon 32" for one developer's experience.

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  • if you feel a player gets bored playing your game for 80 hours don't you think you'll get bored making a game that long? which will take you 30x as long as the game is in length?

    Nobodies trying to hold back your grandiose ideas. but imagine this for a second. if you were planning to start creating music, would you make a short 4 minute piece or a 3 hour orchestral piece?

    don't get carried away by ambition. it's good to have, but use it to your advantage making something that a little more, completable.

    depending on the quality and look of the game, and knowing that no one really has made a 80 hour 2d game, id say you could charge 10$. i know i probably wouldn't pay more unless something REALLY blew me away.

  • Thanks for youre reply: QuaziGNRLnose

    I have it already working, and it can be 1 miljoen hours of gameplay but the only thing is, is to give it a miljoen things of variations at the moment etc. I have fantasie enough to give it a triljoen variations but every variation has to be visual right (lol)

    But lets talk of a 10 hour game play, each map, thats already amazing, when I suply 30 maps right?

    Thats 300 hour gameplay for a indie game for 14,95 (while the game total give more as 300 hours of gameplay) and compare that with with a 59,95 game from UBI or EA that mostly only give a 30 hour gameplay right?

    I'm only exciting that i'm able to create this because of construct and i'm a gamer and can't find a game anymore that satisfied my needs to play the game i like.

    I wish everyone the best and hope to see cool games in the future

  • I've played probably played close to 100 hours on Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi, it probably doesn't take an hour to finish, and I haven't finished it yet. It's just really polished and very well designed.

    For a game to be played a lot, it doesn't mean you have to have an absurd amount of content or randomly made content.

  • Spore

  • You know, Minecraft comes to mind as well. However, I think a game which has replay value is also a very good option, instead of loads upon loads of content. Heh in this case Tetris comes to mind

    Because if a game has a theme going for it, it could get stale after a while if it just more of the same with a different coating so to speak...

  • randomly generated mission is always a good start for replaybility

    Arma 2 is a good example, in the mission editor, i put some squad then link specop module to me.

    so i got randomly generated mission.

    i think i have played over 100 hrs with this module

  • The only "magic" way to help a game be played again and again, is for it to be always providing a challenge (easy examples are multiplayer games and arcade single player games) and for it to be very well designed aesthetically and mechanically so that it's a pleasure to return to.

    Although it depends on your audience, the simple and non-gamers don't need much at all to play a game a lot, as long as there is something to bait them with, such as statistical growth.

  • Statistical growth and continuous exploration. If it feels like you already saw everything before, then it quickly becomes dull.

    Exploration is an important part of games that are often forgotten about. Be it in any kind of content, not just world exploration.

  • Thank you all for your reply's

    I have change my mind how to design my game, to big is not good to start with.

    Have cut lots of ideas and keep them for expansions if people like the game, this way I hope to make my dream game still and if the sales are not good, at least I tried it

    But thank you all for youre responce, it have helped me a lot to make this choice

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