Time rewind demo (like in Braid)

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Time rewind like in "Braid". Choose objects that will be affected by time rewind
  • Still didn't look in the .cap, but it sounds awesome!

    But how the timescale effect, affects the speed in replay?

    I tried it one day, but of course, the speed I've recorded each value,

    the same speed it's replaying^^. But I understand the timedelta thing

    Maybe because your really big pm lol.

  • So how is your replay example coming? I'm really anxious to see it

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  • Don't know what other people have said but I think I've already seen one of these not to sound rude but it was kinda like tutorial style anyways good work! Always good to see people make something with Construct

  • Hi there. I really want to learn how to rewind time like in Braid. Can you please send me the capx file so I can see how it's done. I will even pay for it. Please. Thanks.

  • mattcoder23

    I was inactive on these forum for a pretty long time.

    Basically, you need to setup 2 events. You also need an array.

    on X pressed ->

    start ignore user input

    set "rewind" to 1 (custom variable)


    on X released->

    stop ignoring user input

    set "rewind" to 0

    when "rewind" is set to 0, you could to use the arrays push function to fill in the characters X,Y, also vectorX and vectorY. Later on maybe also the animation state and Ismirrored y/n? etc...(all comma separated)

    if "rewind" is 1, you set all those information, according to the players position x,y etc...use the tokenat function to read the comma separated data in that arrays first index. don't forget to "pop on front axis" on the array after that. so the next frame will read the next position vector etc...

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