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  • This is my first game with construct so go easy on my LOL

    This game was built with .99.85 and should run fine on WIn7 and Vista but seems to have problems with XP. .99.8 runs fine on my XP

    I am interest if this .99.85 runs on anyone elses XP machines.

    Also it uses both keyboard and xBox controllers.

    Please post any glitches in the game, and or your best time for 10 laps


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  • 0.99.85? Is this game from the future?

    Anyway, trying it out now...


    Okay, I get a blank white screen with music playing after I select my speed. Looks borked. I'm on XP.

    Oh, and could you please zip your game files in a folder so I don't have a bunch of loose files on my desktop when I unzip your game?

  • Sent you the Cap File dead eye.

    Sorry about the files. my unzip makes a new folder under the name that it unzips so I just zip the files

  • Yup, pure white screen here as well. I had that once when a canvas object was acting weird or a layer has some FX and needs to have "Force own texture" enabled.

  • Best time 109.92

    You could put some window in a corner of the screen with number of laps, current lap time, best lap time, speed, damage level etc.

    Maybe, it could be better if you crash the car, it would just bounce of the side barrier, because now when I crash, I got stuck inside of the side and I have to reverse and that's little bit annoying.

    Third time I ran the game I got white screen like guys above, but then I tried it maybe 10x and everything worked fine, weird

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