The Stormfighter

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  • If it's pixels you want, here's a good list of pixel art stuff

    You guys are awesome, seriously.

  • The demo is nearly finished.Ive got a new graphic card and now I can work like aan Animal.

    Im making now the last part then we will test it and then you can download it.

    See ya

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  • Our Demo is now finished

    Please Read the readme.txt file

    You can download the game here:

    Or on our German site:

    Or on our english site:

  • Graphics : Absolutely horrbile. Sorry but I don't have any other adjective, they're horrible.

    Gameplay : Above average, combat is pretty fun, but still needs some new stuff to make it more fun etc...

    Polishing : Horrible. The game looks unfinished, cursor is still visible, dialogues are plain horrible.

    Overall, it's a "ok" start, keep improving it

    (i expected worse)

  • Hey I only got to try like a minute of it earlier, but I'll give a good report back in the morning.

  • Now

    First.We have forgotten the animation with the sword.

    2.Our player looks like a potato.

    3.We have no specia attacks

    These three points are our current problem.

    We have many problems.

    Still working on special attacks.I think this wasn't a good idea to finish the demo.

    Yes our graphics are bad.But this is only a ''test run''.

    Now we have to fix all of this

  • Hey dude! You sound upset! No worries!

    Alright, so I got to spend more quality time with the storm fighter. I will give an extensive review to help aid you as much as I can. A critique can help you view your project from other people's perspective, and also show strengths and weaknesses you may have not previously seen!

    I am keeping in mind this is a work in progress by the way

    My only goal is to help you as much and as friendly as possible!

    Okay, the title uses to option boxes with a custom made box labeled "play". Try to keep a consistent style for your boxes, and I would say that using your own made ones it the only way to go for a game. Using the "windows box" is only acceptable for applications IMO.

    The opening scene is confusing, as we aren't sure who we are playing as, much less what is going on. Let the player know who they are controlling, and give more indication as to what is happening. The old man can run by very fast, yelling "Helllllp!! They're trying to eat me!" and then the turtles can scurry on by. Then Ray can say "I guess I have to help him..." and then we can control movement.

    On the first fight, the turtles should just surround the old man, since he was their target anyways. Also, being the first fight sequence, the player needs to learn the controls. The player should not be able to die here no matter what. If he looses all hp then a cut scene where the old man revives Ray can take place. (Just say he was able to beat off the turtles or something).

    With the dialogue, allow more room for the text's length. I had a period from line 1 appear in line 2. Make it only show one speech at a time; just use a button press or click to allow the player to view the next sentence. And the friendship icon is obviously ripped. Don't mix your graphics, it's always best to make your own, no matter your ability. Give us some information on why the player has to kill 5 turtles. Are they after the old man for some purpose? Are they a nuisance to him?

    The second fight is scary! There is way too much going on, and too many changes have taken place. The sword attack is different (seems shorter), the turtles can now shoot, and the health displays are shown. For the first quest the player needs to gain confidence, so make it an easy victory. It's very easy to make difficult levels, but it's hard to make balanced levels. I died on all four plays without knowing why. It's way too hard!

    Hope none of that came off hard...

    If you guys need any help just let me know! I'm more than willing to assist!

  • Thank you all for your good comments and critic.

    midnight:Thank you for your good report.You helped us a lot.

    SuperV:The Graphic will be the same in the Fullversion.A lot of people said that we have to use the same graphic I dont know why but I find the graphic funny^^

    Now im going to fix and work bye

  • Could you repost the link? Apparently there was a download limit of 10x that was already reached.

    From what I've seen in the forums though, it sounds like a very good start. Apparently it bears repeating that the graphics he's using now are not going to be in the final product. Personally I completely agree that graphics are the least of your worries when you're starting to develop a game of any magnitude. Why not make the game work first so you won't have to sift through a bunch of fancy animation code, etc. while debugging.

  • Here is another Link with

  • The money is a little hard to see when it drops on the ground with all the other effects. Maybe when it shows you how many points you got (10, 20, etc.) that number could fade away.

    Also, it's a little buggy. I got my char down to -200 Health and he didn't die.

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