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  • Here is a link to my first real attribution to the gaming community here at Scirra. Its an old bit of an idea I was toying around with. Buggy, and completely unfinished. I am thinking of recreating it properly, now that I know more about construct and how to use it. When finished it will be a complete game, space/action/rpg elements, free romeing and mission based.

    I know its buggy and completely incomplete, but would like your feed back, albeit bad or good, on the direction this game was heading. The sfx are just fill ins, as i have not made sfx for it, i just used stuff already laying around. Graphics are all original, but basic and limited. I do better now days.

    You cant die or anything, I was just testing what this software can do.


    Please tell me if the link does not work. I am a first timer. This was my first project.

  • Seems to be interesting idea, but sadly due to bugs i was unable to see its potencial, maybe i lacking of some FX you used there...

  • I don't know why I keep having these bug problems. I had it all working well, then when I opened it to do more work a week later, I had a heap of bugs.

    Maybe its the software?

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  • Same here i am not able to play it too

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