Skunk'd: Live Your Dreams

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  • Tip: Don't reply to irrelevant stuff, it would set up a bad reputation as an indie developer.

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  • For what it's worth I do believe Urled is Russian or from the general area and the terminology may mean something different than it does here. Not to say it isn't somewhat immature to just label games with non-gameplay related terms.

  • Tip: Don't reply to irrelevant stuff, it would set up a bad reputation as an indie developer.

    Ugh, I apologize for that, and on top of that I wanted to thank you for a) expressing interest in the project and b) letting me know I should leave well enough alone regarding certain comments. "Haters gonna hate," after all. (;

    Returning to relevant shizzle, I will take a listen to some of your stuff and get back to you! ^_^ Thanks again!

    Okay, here's an update:

    'Ey, people! Atnas (the artist for this game) has been working his butt off to vastly improve the graphics for the game, which is why the screenies have suddenly vanished. In addition, while the story remains intact, it's just there to serve as a general idea of what the game's about until I can write a better summary, which will most likely be right after I finish this post. A new major character has been introduced to the story, and some major plot details have been changed or removed entirely due to a general inability to suspend disbelief at the absurdity of it all, haha.

    In other news, the engine has been completely finished and spit-shined, save for importing in the new sprites and tiles Atnas made. Rest assured, the next time you see Skunk'd, it will not only be looking like a glorious remake of itself, it will also be in motion. As soon as Atnas is satisfied with the quality of his work, I will be uploading both screenshots AND a video teasing the first level. ^_^

    Once again, if you have any criticisms, comments or praise, do NOT hold back. Feel free to tell me "this thing is awesome," or "that something totally blows and should be removed or changed." I can't guarantee I'll use your suggestions, but I can guarantee I value your opinions and hold them as very important to the project. And just so you know, the first post has been heavily edited and story summary refined. Take a look! ^_^

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