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  • I just really need to learn the basics of the networking for python + construct. I dont know python but im sure its not hard to learn. Once i learn the basics on combining Construct and Python networking im sure i would become work aholic to get something going. Kinda game i would work on long term would be a simple lobby system. And then user created servers for a top down kinda deathmatch/shooter game.

  • It might have issues, period. It was really buggy, and was never even finished.


    Also you will need to make a server, either using something like Hamachi, or getting a static IP pass-through from your ISP.


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  • How to know if your chatting is being monitored over a network? I'm on a network and I know about those MSN chatting monitors like Messenger Detect, MessengerLog, MSN Chat Monitor and Sniffer, MSN Chat Monitor, etc... Question is, how can I know if someone on my network is using any of these programs to monitor my chatting activities?


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  • You can't ever fully know if someone is passively monitoring network traffic. However, you could modify the chat client/server to support encryption. That way people monitoring would see that something is happening, but they wouldn't know what you are saying.

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