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  • secend layout ( bigger one) is working slow on my laptop. first one is all right.

    my specs:

    geforce7300go 256 mb, centrino duo 1.8ghz, 2 gb ram, win xp

  • Hey guys,

    Small update, didn't have much time. I think moBlur is on in this compile and there should also be music in there now. Man, can't wait til we're able to organize the resources more properly.

    The camera system is also changed.

    (careful, it's like over 20 mb with the music and it's set to full-screen 720p)

    Ashley: Full-Screen works if I set it to my LCD TV, but not on my main monitor. It supports 720p, but it tries to switch the resolution and then crashes.

    Controls are the same as ever. Run around with the arrow keys and jump with Z. Up for talking to... boxes

    I currently spend more time with pre-production, design and stuff instead of building it, which is good I guess. But it's a lot of fun to see things building up that way. I love the whole workflow, I can draw the stuff directly on my tablet pc in the native res, send it over to the workstation and rebuild everything in Construct.

    Would be cool if you guys could tell me whether or not it runs better now, using full-screen and 5x moBlur.

    DevS: Btw, when moBlur is on, a lot of the transitions won't work anymore.

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  • Can you guys do me a favor and try this one out?

    I've gotta find out whether I'm the only one who has trouble with full-screen, if it's Windows 7 or just monitors that don't support 720p natively. The funny thing is that full-screen works if I plug my LCD TV in, but for my standard PC monitor it'll try to switch to full-screen and crash. The funny thing is: I just bought World of Goo over Steam and if I try to start it, it starts out in full-screen which also results in a crash.

    20mb again. Still gotta optimize it and do the music stuff externally. Shvillers and Ashleys new alphatesting thingy should really help for this project

    This is still the same prototype, for the most part. I just added a debug screen to test some more framework stuff, so you can now set it to full-screen and set the moBlur on and off for yourself.

    The actual game has gone through such huge changes both on paper and in terms of concepts that I'll just rebuild this whole thing now, shouldn't take too long.

    Controls: Esc to exit, arrow keys to run around, up to talk to boxes, enter to pause, z to jump.

  • DevS: We tried it on the chat.

    Fullscreen crashes if your screen doesn't support 720p native. You click it, it crashes.

    Also, the Windows Buttons don't work in fullscreen. If you happen to have a display that supports 720p native and you go fullscreen, the buttons will be hidden and they only flicker if you mouse-over them.

    I'll put that on the tracker in a bit.

  • I tried:

    normal size

    normal size w/ blur

    full screen

    full screen w/ blur

    Everything is working fine except for what you mentioned about the flicker on fullscreens.


    Ati 4850 512mb

    C2D 3.0ghz

  • Yeah, I think the problem arises with systems with older gpus. I used multiply on some elements, which is done through a ps and the motion blur adds another problem on those systems.

    But that's nothing to worry, this was pretty much a non-optimized test - Most of the framework stuff is laid out now and I already have a lot of the tiles I need (tiles meaning bigger sized instances, not tiles in the sense of 8x8px tiles ), to build up the screens.

    I'm still playing around with how to go about getting really crisp, nice shadows for all the characters, but that's pretty much a post issue.

    Thanks for all the testing, guys!

  • It's a shame that motion blur didn't work out. I ran terrible on my PC too.

    I really like what you're going for here. The atmosphere is definitely compelling. I look forward to seeing more!

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