The "IT'S EASY!" challenge #2 - Isometric World

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  • hehe, this is the angriest I've ever seen this forum. Chill everyone.

  • > So, you post 6 threads, won't do any of the challenges yourself, just expect others to do them and respond like a jackass whether it was deserved or not.


    > Did I miss anything?


    Calm down. There's no need for that.

    > Wow, searching the forum, what an inspired and well thought out suggestion, why didn't I think of that?! *rolls eyes* If you'd READ what I wrote you'd see that's where I got idea's for these, genius.


    Or that. Let's leave the bickering out of it, okay guys?

    K, sorry

    hehe, this is the angriest I've ever seen this forum. Chill everyone.

    Haha oh great, now I feel terrible, lol

  • Calm down. There's no need for that.

    I am calm? There was no hidden meaning to my post. I just don't understand the back and forth, is all.

    Maybe try again in a few months in a more organized fashion?

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    I'm very interested in isometric game design. I bookmarked this video for you. I would really like to see some isometric function built for construct one day.

  • There is no need to delete anything. Just slow down a bit and give people time to participate before creating a new challenge.

    I would suggest a new one once per week, or something like that... this will encourage multiple solutions/examples and also not take up too much of peoples spare time.

    Good ideas though... I like how you have made them with some continuity and presented them with some funny pictures and captions

    And yeah, everyone chill out... this isn't fag-chan or HL2world forums...

    Here we make hug, not yell. Do not make me get all dissapoint. >.>


  • This is not a forum where I'll let pointless arguments happen so everyone be civil or expect threads to be locked. It's the freaking internet, there is rarely, if ever, any actual reason to become genuinely, "real life" annoyed

    I would also suggest having staggered the six challenges maybe a week apart or so (it would also prevent 'diluting' people's effort over six challenges rather than concentrating on one), and I was going to do something about it, but as far as I can see, no active threads have been knocked off the front page. So I let it go. Nothing to fuss over, see?

  • Anyway, enough baloney. Here's some simple isometric movement:

    Not too tough, if you keep everything on the same Z plane. Once you start stacking boxes though it gets more difficult.

  • Nice one deadeye. but it is only one part of isometric you need to add height to it, a dummy collision mask, X variable, Y variable, Z variable, Depth variable, and some more variables. Calculate it all to give a real sense of it being 3D. With out this stacking won't work at all. I am working it out to get it right. when I get it I wall post it.

  • Nice one deadeye. but...

    I know, that's why iso is nowhere near "easy"

  • I know you know

    I was just merely explaining what some one would need to do isometic game.



  • Anyway, enough baloney.

    But.... but.... I like baloney!

    I also like Spam!

    when did all processed meat become so unfashionable? >_<

  • Thanks to the efforts of Madster and Arcticus, the problem if isometric sorting has been solved:

    Since there is no collision you can clip through the walls, but the sorting is dead on.

    Awesome job, gentlemen.

  • Don't worry guys, ITS EASY!!!!

    It only took me like .... a year

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  • deadeye


    The link is broken.


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