puzzle-city builder in 422 AC

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  • how are you guys feeling about a city builder in 422 with

    *more then 16 religions to choose

    *art style surpassing my last game gasman ff 10 times, and surpassing other simular games made by big commercial companies 5 times

    *vast trade/banking system(values changing)

    *numerous cults and societies in the city including crusaders(to become first templars), the birth of freemasonry, snake cults and others

    *a nice puzzle like city building and upgrade system including special buildings for religions and quests

    *discover new technologies like gunpowder and non corrosive metals and change the course of history.

    *conquer jerusalem

    *destroy the roman empire

    *gain treasures like the spear of jesus, arc of the covenant, the golden bocal, seal of solomon and others. use the seal of solomon to gain help from above and command the demonic realms.

    *build the first stargate/dimension gate and futher into other worlds or bring chaos to your own world.

    here is the link of the religions so far -> menrvagames.com/22/flags.jpg

    release date after 2 months if im lucky or this summer

    and now that i have my new website game studio, no game publisher can ignore or screw me rejecting my game just because im not a million dollar company.

    they had their chance, they just kept releasing the same old boring games with a new feature every year.

    why cant a rich game studio(a team of professional specialists with years of experience) cant make a game so vast that is actualy simple to make, but i alone can make it in months?

    no its not ego, its just my hatred towards the mainstream trying to bury the new guy.

    and if they think they can just steal the idea they have another thing coming, i will copyright every last inch of this game.

    this game will really help people understand more about the first years after christ, the religions of the world, economy and how to be a great ruler with lust for power.

    and afcourse being the first game of its kind - really fun and great to play over and over again each time resolving in different way.

    on release it will sell for 6$ or a little more, but when my site is open anyone can donate how much they want and anyone who donated will get the game link for free on release in their email

    plus around 22% of donation will go to a charity (not yet chosen). i just gotta worry how to show proof. some people will still get a special beta version for free.

    i will post some of the more cool updates while im working on it guys, hope you enjoy it.

  • Add orthodox religion

  • its in there as the first eastern orthodox religion. and the first roman catholic religion started in around 380

    eastern orthodox has the orange flag with the bird (fourth flag) it should be as accurate as we know

  • <img src="http://www.menrvagames.com/22/33.jpg">

    here you go guys, its official.

    INVIDIA 422AC is the name of the game (envy in latin)

    and a list of the confirmed religions:



    -eastern orthodox









    -roman catholic

    -sumerian (gods of the necronomicon/iran)


    only left to add are satanism, wiccan cults, neo-pagan and norse pagan and atheism

    and some new interesting news:

    -you will have banking, and if you help the crusaders become the first templars prematurely, you will have them as a form of bank too.

  • sorry for the bump spam guys XD but i gotta tell you something.

    the game is going to take atleast 2 months to complete, and i dont wanna spam this thread constantly while the game is not even finished, its probably against the forum rules too.

    so anyone who wanna follow the development can follow my facebook page

    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Menrva-Ga ... 361?ref=ts

    and when the game is done then i can post here, so ill be silent now

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  • ah whats-a-matter guys you forgot Invidia 422AC is ALIVE and in development.

    i wanted to share this cool picture with you of the puzzle-builder system.

    <img src="http://www.menrvagames.com/22/cubes.jpg">

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