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    Outcry is a Tower Defense that follows the restrictions of a NES game. You can build 7 types of towers, each one with a different on-hit effect to counter the enemy waves from reaching your HQ.


    <font color="purple">+ Create your strategy to counter many different enemies with different weaknesses and status.

    + Position towers and upgrade them to get the best effect combo.

    + Dialogue system enhancing the story mode.

    + Three difficulty modes and secret levels.

    + Research system: get extensive upgrades that carry over levels.

    + Achievements: you also get in-game rewards for getting these.

    + Unique monsters create a need to a variety of strategies</font>

    I've started this project 9 months ago with a mockup and slowly started programming it using Construct Classic.

    The setting of Outcry is a post-apocalyptic world where mankind struggles to survive the creatures created by the holocaust. With the help of a advanced military robot AI called B.E.T.A. they developed towers capable of dealing with the wild beasts.

    Your job is to protect key areas with these towers, and find out a way to return the world to its normal state.

    More images, info and a download of an early alpha can be found here:


    And here:



    <img src="http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/15/14857/td_screen15.gif" border="0">

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    <img src="http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/15/14857/td_screen16.gif" border="0">


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