Llamas On Chairs Are Very Silly And Not To Be Trusted

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  • Here's a little game I'm working on, at least the tutorial level as just an experiment to get all the gameplay elements working. It's a puzzle game, with a focus on really, really evil puzzles. I'm going to try and make this very, very hard.

    So, try to break it, give me some feedback and maybe some suggestions what I could do in terms of level design.

    <img src="http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3641/79174303.png">

    https://dl-web.getdropbox.com/get/Lllam ... 445a9&dl=1

    MIRROR: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyfl2mmmgmg

    Oh and this is the first game I've shown with Construct! Yay!

  • lol this sounds like a lokijki game name.

  • And looks like a lokijki game. If it weren't for the fact that I can actually see the sprites

    And those gravity changing arrows kind of remind me of something else...

    ... hmm, nope can't think what it might be

    Anyway, nice job so far . I'm assuming there's only one level? I get to the llama and it just stops.

  • Who's lokiji? I was kind of stuck trying to think of an idea for a game, so I asked my drunk friend, and he said this. So if this is very similar to someone elses game, oops

    Yeah, it's only one level, sort of tech demo stuff before I actually invest a lot of time into it.

    EDIT: Ah, yes. I can see the similarities, in terms of length and silliness of title and platform genre. My bad, I may just not post for a while so my shame is forgotten

  • Aw, don't be bashful. We were just joshing you. It's all in good fun

    And your game's coming along well so far. Carry on!

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  • Awesome game. The only problem I saw is that the text is bigger on my computer. I don't know what causes this. Maybe it's from my computer...

  • Hmm I'm having a lot of trouble making a new level, in particular duplicating my test layout and then resorting all the pieces into a new design. There's a function called "clone layout" that does this but it appears to be gone in 0.99.3

    Any idea how you can do this now? Copy & pasting the objects and events doesn't work very well at all.

    EDIT: Ok I've figured it all out now.

  • I believe Rich is aware of the Clone Layout issue. If I recall correctly, his response was something like "whoops, I forgot it lol."

    It should be back in a future build.

    As for copying events... that's what including event sheets is for . You game logic should pretty much all be made on separate events sheets that you include as needed. The only events on the sheets attached to layouts should be events that do something specific for that layout. That way you don't ever have to copy/paste any events at all.

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