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  • I started optimizing the cap. So far it's down to 315 events. And I realized that my use of the TimeDelta fix is messy, since I have some subevents in there that are unnecessary. And I found some more mistakes I made... oh well.

    I'm not using shaders or RTS pathfinding, so it might be down to loops I guess.

    I sent you a PM Ashley, big thanks for taking a look at it!

  • I gotta try this out, looks very sharp! I will bring my report tomorrow!

  • Oh crash the link's dead...

  • Yes I'm afraid the links in this thread are all dead by now. But those versions are very outdated anyway. I wanted to share another public beta in january though, so hopefully that'll happen.

  • Well from what I could see off the youtube vid it looks really nice. I look forward to the January release!

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  • As some of you might know I had a lot of problems with slowdowns. I tried to optimize things, which helped a little. But ultimately I wasn't satisfied with how the game performed anymore. So I decided to restart this from scratch, using the platform behavior this time. And my improved Construct skills of course.

    I took a little break from the project and right now I'm trying to create a level editor. Also I didn't like how the game became more and more of a typical jump'n'run and close to stuff I did earlier. I'm trying to get closer to my original vision of the game, but who knows how that'll turn out...

    I'm not completely ruling out abandoning this, but I hope I will succeed in some way at least.

    <img src="">

  • Awesome

    Glad to see this hasn't been abandoned!

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