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  • Hi, guys

    Here's my little project I've been working on, using Construct Classic. After some touches here and there I've finally came up with what can barely be considered a first playable.

    There's still a lot of issues that need to be resolved. Some mechanics are not really final and some need some work to make them interesting to use (hiding, shield), but you can try the basic feeling of the game.

    Hope you like it. Any feedback will be appreciated.


  • yeah gameplay is a bit rough, but visual side of your game is awesome!

  • Very promising game you have here .

    By the way, megaupload and mediafire and sites like those are terrible. Get yourself a dropbox account. It's what most people here on the forums use, and for good reason... it's really handy. check it out:

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  • thanks, guys.

    Yes, gmeplay is still very crude. I still need to give some value to the mechanics, and I'm fighting with issues that prevent some things to work properly (noticed the ONLY ceiling laser?, I'm working on that).

    I'm focused on solving these issues, but progress will be slow. At least for now.

  • such a nostalgic graphics and it looks so profesional!

  • Great!

    remind me strider , with a gun^^.

    I 've seen some bug : the enemies (humans)amination freeze and also the hero walk sometimes freezed.

    it's so hard ... you should had some life bonus on the path or something else.

    I don't really use the shield as if i think it's a good idea.

    the enemis AI is not bad but could be better.

    good work ! it will be a great game!

  • I wish I could create this level of graphics...

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