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  • Love to adaptive difficulty you've put in this - making it faster and harder to turn as it gets bigger, but also making it easier to get food at the same time.

    Add a time limit to this, as in "get as big as you can in 5mins", and you have a game. Then you can add other things, like hazards (poison that makes you smaller), high scores, etc.

    This could be way more than a tech demo.

    yah ill make it into a little game! nothing extreme but a lil score based game.

    very nice! i like how it the worm is 'designed by math' but avoids to look sterile; the turning motion/swaying makes it really come to life!

    yah thats what i was aiming for with this, to make a worm which grows but changes as it does so, im even planning on adapting the worm into a frogs vertebrae as you get larger and larger. and i couldnt agree more about the turning motion, i love the way i made the fins stick out and sway.

    when i iron out a few bugs ill post an update here

  • flOwvOlution xD

    Loved it mate... as always you make me sick with your maths. I looked at the event sheet and nearly vomited... I knew it was coming but I still had to do it.

    On my crappy little MSI WIND laptop I collected all the food and was still pulling around 18fps (which I thought was pretty damn good considering) and on my main rig I was at like 230 fps at full size. Make MOAR!


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  • Amazing and scary. o_o

  • Make it chase the mouse instead of using the keyboard, add in some enemies that kill you on impact, and make the objective simply 'grow as big/long as possible' and you've got a game!

  • heres an update, its an exe.

    Updated stuff:

    300 food pellets

    big ocean area to explore

    music (whales, dont put your speakers high because sometimes theres some loud ass sh**t)

    worm now chases the mouse.

    speed of worm cannot decrease as much anymore

    food is spread over a wider area.

    you start as a smaller worm inside of an egg

    size counter


    mouse to steer

    hold left MB to speed up

    hold right MB to slow down

    explore the ocean, it now has depth and there are a few scenic thing to look at.

    here it is, enjoy!

    http://download35.mediafire.com/bndja8g ... lution.zip

    > Every time you post something I always say "it's awesome, I love it." Well I'm getting sick of saying "it's awesome, I love it" all the time. One of these days, you're going to make something crappy... and when that day comes I'll be there to savor every tear.


    > Just kidding, it's awesome, I love it


    that was me on my bros account by accident srry lol

  • Have to test tomorrow. Soldjah send me some stuff my pc is gettin old and i need new rig for Empire Total War just to be sure

  • I hear no music... did you forget to include the sound files?

    Nice mouse movement though

  • Wow nice additions. I realy like the sunset surface and the coral stuff on the bottom. The only thing I find annoying is when you start to get really big, the camera should zoom out a bit so you have more than just a giant head on the screen.

    It's looking awesome though mate... cant wait for the next update!


  • Impressive, congratulations! I love this kind of games. Though, it would be nice if you could control the organism's speed by nearness of the pointer.

    Looking fordward to see more.

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