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  • btw to fix your "bugs" (which are not really bugs btw) you have to move your hotspot to the center of your sprite. just go in the picture editor and select the red target thingy from the sidebar, then move it to the middle of your sprite, by clicking.

  • > i�m makimg a video to explain exactly how the gameplay works.


    if your making a video why not just release a tech demo?

    Overall this project seems way too ambitios for your first project. RPGs are time intensive and take alot of work to get them right. You plot also seems very wonky, Why is there a god of the birds if there are no birds? Why is there a god of Stone and Lava, since Lava is just molten stone? Also you mentioned a sequel...Get the first game out before you even think about a sequel.

    God of the moon = creates dreams, hopes and restores the power to men who believe

    God of birds = portrays the animal nature, based on the life came from the sky to earth and at that it evolves

    God of lava = portrays all supernatural forces as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic, spirits and of course the very fire

    God of ice = one of the bearers of life in the world that in the beginning was ice, then disbanded

    and became water

    God of trees = for new flowers were born many trees died, so the value given to them that reristem almost all other kinds of adversity and also featuring the whole nature forestry

    God of stones = hosts all life existing on earth complements it and is completing all

    All these forms of life and not live,had a king (the gods), they fought because they believed in their king and the way he would make that world if they win that war, that seemed never ending.

    This game will bring a war at the beginning of the world which will see a world with a mixture of seasons, both of mediaval game will have as futuristic things too...

    I know that an RPG has long been working, but I did not say i wanted to end it in a month, take the time to take provided that it is good and people have the curiosity to want to play for me is good...

    and if it had not made sure that the gameplay is innovative I would not insist on this idea, but you are right, I'm experiencing great difficulty in not knowing how to work well in this program, but that is why we have asked for help.

    But ok I will continue alone to finish the gameplay, so to prove you that this idea is good and maybe some of you will join me ...

    I think do a basic game just to say I know how to make a game would not have anything interesting...

    I think I responded to some of your questions...

  • btw to fix your "bugs" (which are not really bugs btw) you have to move your hotspot to the center of your sprite. just go in the picture editor and select the red target thingy from the sidebar, then move it to the middle of your sprite, by clicking.

    thank you, is this kind of help I need, thank you

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  • RPGs are more complex than most video games because RPGs themselves predate video games. They are one of the few genres that actually existed before electronic games were even invented. I'm of coarse talking about pencil and paper RPGs. You know, games like Dungeons and Dragons which use huge sets of rule books and dice with over 20 sides, etc.

    Although video game RPGs are a lot more simplified than the oldschool pen and paper variety, they still inherit many of the same rules and characteristics.

    When it comes right down to it, an RPG is really a game of stats and how to calculate those stats and translate them into a gaming experience. Things like, if I use this weapon combined with my character's "strength" statistic against the enemy's defense, how much damage will it inflict?

    Also, if I do try to attack the enemy, what is the probability based on my "luck" statistic that it will succeed and not miss?

    Or even things like, how many steps will it take to trigger a random encounter based on the last time I encountered an enemy (or maybe even based on my characters stats such as luck or speed)? When my character levels up, by what values will the rest of his/her stats by multiplied or increased by?

    All stuff like that, a lot of stats and calculations mostly. Note that this is a VERY simplified explanation and I'm mostly explaining the type of math you'd have to use rather than showing it. But you get the idea.

    Then there's also things like inventory systems (mostly a set of variables or an array), dialogue system (or dialogue trees, if you want a multiple choice nonlinear dialogue system), and shop system (basic math like checking if the player has enough money to buy something, or how much money to take away from his inventory after buying something, etc.)

    and then of coarse everything else that goes into an RPG including basic things like story, graphics and music.

    But the core of an RPG is statistics. If you're going to start an RPG, the first thing to do is set up a statistic system for your characters.

    The first thing you want to set up are global variables such as Strength, Defense, Magic, Luck, Dexterity, and whatever other statistics you feel are appropriate for your game.

    Then you'd design the rest of the game based around those statistics, starting with the battle system which is the main feature of any RPG. And then like I said, set up events to use and calculate those stats in order to translate them the basis of your battle system, leveling up system, and everything else.

    Just a warning though, this is all much harder than I'm describing it. This is a very simplified explanation, but keep in mind that RPGs are one of the most complex types of games to make. But if you wish to try anyway, your best bet would to start with the basis of any RPG system, which are the stats and rules of the game, and how those stats are used to play the game. Again, this is all much harder than it sounds.

    But in my opinion, please start out with something simpler before trying to attempt to make an RPG, especially in Construct.

    But if you want to make an RPG, it's probably best to use something like RPG Maker which takes care of the whole issue of statistics, inventory, battle systems, and pretty much everything else that would normally make it pretty damn hard for you to make an RPG from scratch. Even a beginner can make a pretty decent RPG game in RPG Maker compared to what it would take to one from the ground up in Construct or even any other program for that matter.

    But as for learning Construct, start with something simpler like a platform game or maybe a shoot em up. Because, to be honest, even some of the most experienced Construct users on this board probably wouldn't even try to finish making an RPG due to how complicated it is to make one. At least try to become more experienced before you even attempt it yourself.

  • That's a really amazing post.. your point is good. Thanks

  • Wow. I agree completely with hero_bash.

    You should write a book: Learn How to Make an RPG in Five Minutes.

    Subtitle: Then Work On It For Five Years

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