Dernier Cadeau(working Title)

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    Through the Veil Productions Presents:

    Dernier Cadeau



    A dying world in need of help. A young man who has lost everything. A captivating tale of revenge Dernier Cadeau mixes classic platforming elements with new twists. Channel the power of the elements through your sword, save lives and souls as you fight through this dying world. Explore lush forests and arid desert as you search for meaning in this new world. Use your powers to go beyond what you can see and take notice of your surrounding for they may hold clues about what to do next.

    We have a tech demo of the game for now we are almost ready to enter the next stage of development. we will make sure to keep every one posted I hope you enjoy our small tech demo keep in mind it is just a tech demo. The controls are in the read me along with the powers that you have(to make the most of the demo you have all the powers). We hope to have a full demo out sometime soon.


    Finally the File Sorry for the files size we do have music and sound in there too...

    Quick note about us: Through the Veil Productions is a small group of what some (Andrew) have dubbed us as Neo-Classical game desingers.

    So far we Have 4 members:

    Tyler - Aeal5566(me)

    Brian - ansmesnobody



  • Hello, I'm Brian (ansmesnobody).

    We've been working on this project for about a month now, and enjoying the power of construct.

    I have been doing 3D models for the game, and a bit of programming whenever Aeal5566 lets me have the .cap

    We'll keep you posted, please comment!

  • Hey guys!

    First off it is very pretty. LOL

    I applaud the 3d efforts being used, the animations are fluid. What program are you using?

    The controls are messy...I didn't know how to jump (the readme's (on release) doesn't really explain which key to press) and I wasn't sure how to attack the heads. Well, besides moving left and right, I wasn't really sure what I was doing lol. I did manage to jump with e, and i attacked a few times by mistake. I knew how to operate the spell book, but I really think the controls need editing.

    ..or maybe it's just me?

    Besides that, I think this is a great start. The music is very fantasy dream like. Reminds me of Spectromancer (a pc based magic: the gathering game).

    Good work guys! Can't wait to see more!

  • oh wait hold down s to jump, and depending on the charge, you jump higher...

  • Thank you.

    I agree our controls do need some work.

    To clarify:

    Jump: Hold 'S' to charge, release to jump.

    Attack: Hold 'Space' to charge, release to attack [only 1 level of 3 in this demo].

    Click the screen to spawn "earth platforms"

    Grab the "earth platforms" with the mouse and throw them on screen.

    Press 'W' (when in air for best results) to spawn earth at your feet.

    I'm using an older copy of 3D studio max at the moment for the graphics.

    *Also note that attacking the enemies does little to nothing in this demo, as our AI is turned off, and the attack events are being re-worked. You can throw the "earth platforms" at them for fun though...*

    If anyone has alternative control suggestions we would be glad to here them.

    Thanks for playing.


  • Yes if you do play it feel free to tell us what you don't like or what you like.

    Here are some known bug to watch out for

    Fireballs spawn at the wrong point

    If you tap the space bar the charging animation keeps playing

    while using fire dash if you press D or A he will stop.

    He somtimes will drift to the left part of the screen.

    sometimes when you run than charge his charge animation plays and he "glides" across has he runs

    And please please comment...

  • floating heads are creepy

    i assuming this is going to be a platforming rpg...looks like it could turn out awesome, jumping and what not doesn't seam like it would work well in a fast action oriented game.

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  • Wow the graphics certainly look very nice

    Will have to download this later and see what it plays like.


  • floating heads are creepy

    i assuming this is going to be a platforming rpg...looks like it could turn out awesome, jumping and what not doesn't seam like it would work well in a fast action oriented game.

    Oh the heads probably aren't staying. they were just a sort of sick joke on my part

    (the test enemies were hand drawn smiley faces, so I went for a "darker version" by decapitating a model from a scene I had made ).

    One of our central concepts was " A side scrolling game that's not a platformer."

    the idea is to slow down the action to focus on strategy, and other skills.

    Thanks for commenting guys!

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