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  • All I can say is


    That's Cooooooooooool!

  • You are a genius, tulamide.

  • wooooooooooooooooooooooow!


  • Thank you all very, very much!

    In case you're interested in how the player was made (without the dancing puppet, but with everything else), I recommend reading my tutorial about rms and peak to the end. Who knows, maybe there's a reward for reading waiting ... <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Dancer is a special .ogg and .wav file player, featuring a dancing puppet.

    This fun app is part of (or example to) a tutorial I want to post soon, about the lesser known or used ACEs of the XAudio2 object, mainly Peak and RMS.

    Play around with Dancer, it really makes fun!

    The puppet has no premade animations or anything else premade. It simply reacts to Peak and RMS in various combinations!

    F1 toggles a context help.

    If you don't have some .ogg music at hand, here is one of my own songs. Please don't use it in any way other than listening to: ... of_you.ogg

    There are some sources for .ogg music, e.g.

    And you could convert some of your mp3's to ogg. Audacity does a good job.

    Download Dancer: ... Dancer.rar

    EDIT: Just wanted to mention that the level meter are absolutely professional in resolution and display, including dynamic range meter...tulamide2011-07-25 10:30:13

    do u have time to possibly convert this to capx ?

  • do u have time to possibly convert this to capx ?

    I'm afraid it isn't possible, even if I'd love to.

    1) There seems to be no way to associate external sound files to C2 (web audio wouldn't mind, but there's no implementation)

    2) The analyzer gives you access to peak and rms, but there's (currently) no way to distinguish between left and right channel (or any other number of channels in the audio stream)

    If you read my tutorial about peak and rms, you will find there the .cap of dancer w/o the puppet part. Maybe it helps you

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  • How are you using the raw audio data, a custom plugin?

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