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  • Hello Constructors ,

    I'm opening this topic to let you know that I am open to collaboration with different people using Construct. I'm mainly focusing on rapid prototyping or smaller games which can be made in less than 10 hours (4 or 5 days), but I may as well work on mid-sized projects if I like the concept or come up with decent enough. Though my experience so far tells me that I'm not good with mid-sized projects, considering that I have some unfinished collaborative stuff behind myself (though, these were all developed in C++).

    So, if you have an idea, some artwork or music ,feel free to contact me. Sure, considering that I am somewhat busy lately and in two weeks I'll be even more busier, I won't be able to work on more than one project at same time. I can do the "engine" in Construct and let you design levels.

    You contact me via PM or via MSN (which I don't use that much lately, but I'll try to log on from time to time) which is jvs_prog AT hotmail DOT com.

    Let's make some awesome Construct games.


  • have you got any examples of your work you could show to me?

  • Game I made in C++:

    Game I made in Construct:

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  • I still think Uneksians was one of the better entries in the CPB compo. Have you given any thought to expanding on it?

    Or maybe making it in Construct?

  • I've thought about expending it in Construct, but after running into Quicksave/load bugs I am not sure I will work on it before these bugs are fixed. The design of the game is such that it's almost impossible to avoid the use of complete state-saving/loading.

    Hopefully, these bugs will be fixed within next few months. If this happens I may expend the game using Construct.

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