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  • A simple 3D effect Alien or monster that only requires a couple of event lines.

    This has probably been done before, but i thought i would post it.

    Its a monster that looks abit 3D(ish) and it follows the player( in this case a basketball )

    Somebody might be able to use it.

    I added sound effects to make it a bit more interesting.

    (Instructions inside the zip)

    <img src="">



  • Shapes

    This cap allows you to create different size shapes by left or right clicking and dragging out......erm.....dont ask me why..........It might give somebody an idea for a game?

    <img src="">



  • 2D Game builder.....December 2010 Update


    If anybody was interested in the 2D GAME BUILDER project, they can now download the project files for the first part.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    The zip contains the following files

    1, The '2d base.cap' - this base cap for building any game.

    2, 2d game part1.pdf - Basic instructions (part1)

    3, Sound files - sound files for the game.

    4, usable objects.png - picture of game objects.


    Download link-

    The instructions in the zip, should hopefully give you a better idea of what kind of app i am trying to build. I am working on part2 and will post details as soon as its finished.

    In the meantime, i would appreciate any feed back or questions.



    Forgot to mention - make sure you have layer 3( main) active when placing objects.

    If your new to construct and viewing this, i suggest you checkout Deadeye's platform tutorial first.

  • Screenshot of a platform game i have started to build.

    Its an halflife style platform shooter. ( i might need help with animation sequences)

    i have posted a topic in 'help and support' section, with regards to 'animation order, but i will carry on with the 8 player animation for now.

    (i know im using halflife sprites! is this illegal?)

    <img src="">

  • The 2D game builder looks really sweet! And on the half-life sprites.. as long as you aren't going commercial for your game and it is just for fun then I don't see it as a big deal (I'm sure some here will differ

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  • Black Op's Shooter game 'halflife style'

    The game will probably take me months to do, but i will release samples as i progress.

    Anyway....heres the first one -

    It isn't a playable game at the minute, and you can't do much in the level, but it should give you an idea of what the gameplay will be like.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • This post is basically a compilation of everything that has been covered previously.

    I have done in an attempt to tidy it up a bit, and make it easier to understand ?

    1, Space invader clone (created with 99.62)

    A simple space invader clone made with construct. (Note,use the space bar to fire, not the left mouse button)

    <img src="">

    2, Beatboxing sound tutor (created with 99.62)

    Application for learning Beatboxing techniques.

    <img src="">

    3, Basketball dunk (created with 99.62)

    Simple basketball game.

    <img src="">

    4, I-Drum (created with 99.62)

    Drum set simulator.

    <img src="">

    5, Alien A.I effect (created with 99.62)

    Example of an alien that follows the player.

    <img src="">

    6, Shape creator (created with 99.62)

    Example cap showing a simple way to create shapes(could be used in a game)

    <img src="">

    7, 2D game builder (created with 99.62) made using Deadeye's Platform School tutorial.

    Application for creating 2d platform games by simply dragging and dropping game objects into place.

    <img src=""> (original files) (water wipeout) (latest files)

    8, Black Ops (created with 99.62) (based on Deadeye's Platform School tutorial)

    Halflife style platform game i am working on (using the 2D game builder)

    The game will probably take me months to do, but i will release samples as i progress.

    The following example will give you and idea what the game will look like.

    <img src="">

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