Bunny saves nature

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  • At the heart of beautiful, flowering island on top of the mountain was formed obelisk. His radiation he was destroying the soil and caused plants to wilt, and the animals that fall under its radiation becomes aggressive. The only survivors beast was a rabbit

    him to go through all the obstacles in the journey not long after 4 levels, and save all your friends and your island!


    Esc - exit

    Arrow keys - Movement

    S - Jump

    Download game

    <img src="http://s41.radikal.ru/i093/1012/6e/9d79d97e8cc2.jpg">

    <img src="http://i011.radikal.ru/1012/0f/e653186c13ab.jpg">

    <img src="http://i009.radikal.ru/1012/7b/7ea9cd518db4.jpg">

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  • Finally, a classic platformer, I just downloaded this and finished it in minutes as it is very short, the game to me felt like the good old 2D platformer games back in the days like Mario, Rayman and the such. (this one really felt like Rayman 1 to me, perhaps it's because those grim rocky levels which reminded me of a specific level of Rayman)

    Great game but kind of short, I liked it either way

    Is this game finished or still being continued? or is it a prototype game for other great games to come?

  • Thank you for your comment. This game is finished, it was made for competition in the short term, so a little dampish.

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