Blackjack Game (with cap)

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  • jennifer89

    It's impolite to be so impatient. Chrisbrobs doesn't come on here as often as he used to so it may be a while before he see's the notification for this post.

    Just have a little patience.

  • You are right i am sorry about that.

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  • jennifer89

    I've found the original files from chrisbrobs, but I'm not at all comfortable posting them without his say-so.

    If he hasn't replied in a week, I'll post them for you. Be aware that it is a very complex .cap and utilizes plugins that are not available in Construct 2 (just in case you were hoping to convert it).

    I'll keep checking and post a zip of the files in a week, if chrisbrobs has appeared.

  • Thnk you zenox98

  • jennifer89

    Here is a zip file of chrisbrobs project. You may need some extra plugins or effects, but these should be easily found using the advanced search.


    If you want me to remove this link, just holler :)

    .... snip ....

    In fact, could you let me know when you've got it jennifer89 then I will remove the link, just in case.

  • thanx i got the files, but i can't find the plugins that i need. csx + obj and mesh files i can't open so could you help me out one more time ?

    Thank you, you can delete the file from the forum if you like :)

  • The mesh, obj and a zip of the textsetter plugin are in the archive.

    What message(s) are you getting?

  • I am using windows 8 and the message i get is search a programmE in the appstore and i can only open the exe file

  • Have you installed Construct Classic?

    You would also probably need the Visual Studio 2005 redistributables installing, as well as DirectX 9.

    Unzip all the contents to a folder, and you will see all the files that are needed to run the .cap.

    I haven't got access to Windows 8 so I can't really help you with that aspect.

  • Thnx for trying to help, i can only open the game and play it and it's not in construct or construct classic but in an apart window. I need help with the code... I only need that part but it is not in this file :)

  • The image below shows the contents of the zip file:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    As you can see, all relevant files are there. If you double click on the 'blackjackv1b.cap' file, it should automatically launch Construct Classic and load the .cap.

    If it doesn't, then Construct Classic is unlikely to be installed, or the association is wrong.

  • So i got one problem left and that are these missing plugins:


    SpriteButton.csx But i could open the .cap now in construct. The only problem is de missing plugins

  • As you can see from the screenshot, I've included the in the archive. Just unzip to the plugins folder of the Construct Classic installation directory.

    Spritefont can be found HERE .

  • Thank you very much it worked out well i can open it now :)

  • Couldn't send pm to members about this source, but does anyone still have it?

    Sorry for really old bump...

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