BitMine [canceled]

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  • BitMine version 0.1


    This picture is many screenshot's in one.

    <img src="">


    BitMine 0.1

    The controls are:

    Pickup: E

    Movement: WASD

    Toggle Flashlight: F

    Use Weapon: Left Click

    Toggle Chainsaw: 1

    Additional Info

    I kept having problems with the exported icon and sounds,

    for some reason it only happened with my BitMine Project so I had to cancel it.

  • Looks good, you could add randomly generated terrain.

  • Yeah I've thought about that alot,

    I need to experiment a little and learn more about randomly generated map stuff.


    I added a download for the in game test.

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  • Look great xxKitheifxx. I love low-fi chunky pixels

    But you forgot to tell us the controls for the game. I worked out WASD to move and jump but couldn't work out how to pick up my helmet and chainsaw. And I want my CHAINSAW!!

    Also got something on my HDD that might interest you I'll PM you later with it

  • OMG I forgot!

  • Yeah I eventualy worked out the controls.

    I'll send you the file over later. Just going to go over it and remove any un-needed events. It might not be of use to you but it could be an interesting addition to the game

  • Sweet!

    anything would be cool to check out,

    I'm hoping to get sounds working in game though,

    damn awkward Temp error.

  • Comparing your screenshots to what I'm getting, I think somethings wrong with what I see. All I see is a black background, gray circle and an orange circle getting bigger, then smaller, bigger, then smaller(orange cirlce only).... I tried pressing all the controls you mentioned, but the only thing I can do is move the gray cirle within a certain area. If you used pixel shader, it might explain it since my computer doesn't support pixel shader 2 (I think, it has problems with it anyway).

    Anyway, here are my suggestions though I can't play your game(sorry if they are already included in your game):

    Menu with following options

    -Play Game

    -Instructions or Tutorial

    -High Scores

    -Quit(maybe not necessary since they can click x in corner?)

    Play Game could go to a submenu screen where the player could pick a level with the terrain, graphics, difficulty, etc. that they wanted.

    You could give a short tutorial in the game to explain all the controls and some objects in the game.

    Obstacles and objects that will fall and kill the miner if he/she removes blocks from under it.

    Tunnels collapse after a certain amount of time has passed.

    Supports that extend the amount of time before a tunnel collapses, possibly infinently depending on the level of difficulty.

    On easy difficulty, make adaptable difficulty. For example, if a person gets killed so many times within a certain time period by aliens, decrease the stats of the aliens (Those were aliens in your screen shot, right?).

    Just giving you some ideas, I hope they help.

  • You must have an older comp to not be able to use pixelshader?

    I haven't been working on menu's lately because I was more set on in game work, but it probably would be nice to have one set up already

    Oh yeah and those weren't aliens, I put multiple pictures of the main character on one screen shot, Ill take more non edited stuff soon.

  • can i have sources?

  • can i have sources?

    Sorry but this is gone

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