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  • Pretty cool, Davio.

  • I agree that the graphics are really the power of this game. It fits the style perfectly, and the use of the 3D box is great!

    I'm afraid i didn't like the gameplay at all, probably because i kept dying and i felt like i could do nothing about it.

    I had a really hard time dealing with the combination of a tiny player the same color as the enemy bullets, and super fast speed and acceleration. And i lost track of my ship all the time. Because of the sensible controlls i couldn't dodge a bullet without having a 50% chance of hitting another one. The precision movement was better then nothing, but i would prefer a mouse controlled ship.

    Maybe you want the controlls to stay as they are in order to keep the same type of gameplay, but i think you should do some changes to the players spaceship. Not nescessarily redesign it, but change the color or something. Right now you can't focus on the enemies you're shooting at without your ship getting lost in the storm of bullets.

  • Actually there is no 3d box .

    I think it could do with (a lot)more enemies which are easier to kill.

    Linkman, I wanted the player to feel underpowered, compared to most shmups where you upgrade your main weapon and wipe out half the screen in seconds. I agree that it could use some balance tweaks, but i don't want to fill the screen with munchable fodder.

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  • Great game!

    Keep getting to the Level 1 boss but soon get put in my place, I found the best strategy at the start is RUN as most enemies can't shoot behind them.

    It's a lot easier to play on a joypad using Joy2Key than on a keyboard.

    Looking forward to the full game although I don't think I'll get any further than I do now.

  • Demo V0.3 Released!

    -Everything you wanted, It's got it.

    -Difficulty settings (now you can hopefully complete level 1 )

    -Mouse Control and Joystick/Controller support with ALL controllers (latter via JoyToKey (included and built in))

    -Better Graphics!!!11

    -Donate button so you can support poor Davioware


  • Awesome graphics and sound... but too freaking hard. I know you wanted this too be a hard game, but it is no fun when you just die over and over again... Can't get past the second level (even on noob). Of course, I could just suck at video games.

  • megaman 6, the easiest of the NES megamans.

    try getting past flame man with only the mega buster...

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