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  • Ok, I'm gonna need to fix the ending some how...

    And how did you get through the hole? I was planning on doing something with that later and I didn't think you could get through it.

    im a master game breaker my friend.

    i just ran and jumped from the very edge pixel of the highest platform

  • This is awesome, good job! I'll probably make a similar one with a level editor, you got me inspired!

  • That's an awesome little game, but it's a bit too hard for me. Here's me playtesting your game for 5 minutes:!.avi

    (Including a little "FUCK YOU, I DID IT!" dance followed by "CRAP, YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME!" frustration)

    Still, there are TONS of people out there who fucking love hard games, so I wouldn't say that's a fault of the game if it was intended to be fucking hard and only appeal to those that really wanna be challenged to shit by their games.

    MegaMan 9 found a lot of fans too, so no biggie.

  • I tried it again, and failed miserably for a good half an hour. Then I decided to try something else. Here's proof that "press up to jump" is the worst control scheme in the world:

    I remapped my keyboard so I could use my left hand to jump, and I beat the game in 15 minutes. It was still hard, just not ball-bustingly hard. The worst part of the game by far is the underwater spikes... Jesus, dude. You're mean.

    And yeah, it froze at the end for me too. The music was still playing, but the guy wasn't moving and all I could do was close it down.

  • Yeah, it intended to freeze there but there's supposed to be more to it. I'll have to change it so it'll work more consistently. And does setting jump to the Z button sound better? I never like setting it to shift because I always get messed up by sticky keys.

  • Personally I like Z as the jump key as well, also because of sticky keys. But a lot of folks here don't like Z for whatever reason. And Space is too finicky :/

    Perhaps instead of changing the key to Z, you could just add Z as an additional jump key

  • The problem with 'Z' for jump is that on a lot of european keyboards the Z and Y keys are swapped - so you need to hold your hand in the middle of the keyboard, which is kinda awkward.

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  • I prefer W,A,S,D for moving, and H,J,K,L for buttons... then its like a game controller or arcade style layout.


  • I prefer W,A,S,D for moving, and H,J,K,L for buttons

    Yeah, well your bathtub drain swirls in the wrong direction too. Everything in Australia is backwards.

  • Well too lazy to read all the posts but found bug. If you press jump after dying you will hear jump sound and you can spam it.

  • Mmhmm, its set so that when you press the up arrow it plays the sound but it doesn't matter if you're jumping or not. Is there any way to set to an "on jump" kind of thing?

  • +On "Jump" pressed
    +Player.Value('alive') is equal to 1
    +Player.Platform is on ground
       ->Play jump sound
    Or something similar.
  • I just set it to if the jump key is pressed and the player is on the ground it plays the sound. The only problem I have with that is that if the player is bunnyhopping then the sound only plays on the first jump, although its not to major of a problem because the sound isn't all that pronounced. Also, I don't think there's any reason to put in the 'alive' value because when the player dies it destroys it, so its not on the ground, although I might be wrong about that... I should test it.

    Anyways, I'm uploading an update version with a different ending that should work consistantly, although I haven't played to it yet so I can't tell for sure. I've also assigned the jump button to Z. I tried to assign it to Z and the up arrow but the Z jump would act differently than the up jump and I couldn't get it to work right. Anyways, here's the file:


  • Nifty game, and I will say that yes, this game is really hard.

    As for the jump key debate, you could just have both Z and Y do jumping; I'm a fan of the ZXC... + arrows system.

  • As for the jump key debate, you could just have both Z and Y do jumping; I'm a fan of the ZXC... + arrows system.

    I realize now that my previous suggestion to use both Up and Z for jumping is pointless... when you manually tell the Platform behavior to jump using events, it ignores jump sustain. Which this game has. So this won't be possible until the method for setting controls is revamped for Construct.

    Also... how did you get a sig image? I thought they were disabled for anyone under 500 posts

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