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  • While I agree that we all could be a little less rough on edges, I have to point out that the debate has no place in this thread.

    I expect moderators to split the thread. I hope that CrudeMik will find the developer for his team's project, but as long as the thread contains the tangential acidic spittle conest... well, yeah.

    I would volunteer, but I already am stretched out thin with my own projects. Besides, I run into more Construct bugs than anyone else. *points to the title under his avatar*

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  • Sounds like a really cool game. Especially digging your plan to have in-space and on ground portions. I actually want to do a similar type of game at some point. Plan on being able to fly around and land on planets, plus fight in space. I'd volunteer, but have no free time right now (except to post random stuff on the forums )

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